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Home » Products » Mechanical » MHI barrel series horizontal multistage stainless steel pumps
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MHI barrel series horizontal multistage stainless steel pumps

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MHI barrel series horizontal multistage stainless steel pumps
Motor: motor is fully enclosed air-cooled two-pole motor
Protection class:IP55
Insulation class:F
Standard voltage:50Hz 1x220-240V,  3x220-240V/380-415V
Single maximum motor power:2.4KW
Horizontal multistage non-self-priming centrifugal pump, with long axis motor 
Compact structure makes the pump small, axial inlet and radial outlet.
Transmission medium:
Thin, non-flammable liquid to clean, without solid particles or fibers, the pump can transport such as mineral water, edible vegetable oil and other light chemical media. When the transmission fluid density or viscosity greater than water, such as the need to be equipped with high-power motor, if the pump is suitable for a particular liquid depends on a variety of factors, most important of which is the chlorine content, PH value, temperature and solvent, oil content.
Operating conditions:
Medium temperature:- 15℃~+ 70℃, hot water -  15℃~ +110℃
Maximum ambient temperature: + 40℃
Maximum operating force: 10bar
Maximum inlet pressure is limited by the maximum operating force limit.

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