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Select common sense of the solenoid valve

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The fluid in the pipeline must accord with the media calibration solenoid valve model.

The fluid temperature must be below select solenoid valve standard temperature.

The solenoid valve allow the operation fluid viscosity below 20COT(UP 20COT should explain).

Operating pressure range in the pipeline, when the operating pressure range below 0.04MPa. Should select 2A,2W,ZQDF,2T series direct-acting and distribute direct-acting and so on.

When the minimum working pressure range beyond 0.04MPa should select pilot type solenoid valve, the maximum operating pressure range should below the solenoid valve maximum standard voltage.

The all solenoid valve only one-way operation, so please attention whether there is a reverse pressure difference, if it have, please install check valve.

When the fluid cleanness is not high, before the solenoid valve install the filter, the solenoid valve need a clean media.

Port size and aperture of flow, solenoid valve generally only two control switches(open and close) if the condition allow, install the bypass pipe, easy to repair, when water hammer phenomenon appear, please customize the solenoid valve switching time.

Please attention the ambient temperature affect the solenoid valve.

Source current and power consumption should according to output capacity select supply. Voltage usually allow 10%. please must be attention paid to the exchange valve of the higher VA.


General solenoid valve is not waterproof. When the condition are not allow, please waterproof type, our factory can be customized.

The maximum calibration nominal pressure solenoid valve must be more than the maximum pressure with in the pipeline, otherwise life will be shortened or bring other unexcept event.

It should be used in all stainless steel if it have corrosive liquid, strong corrosive fluids should use the other special material solenoid valve.

Explosive environment must use the appropriate explosion-proof product.



Solenoid valve is divided into normal open and normal close, general selection of normal close, power on is open, power off is close, but when the open time is very and close time is very short, should select normal open.

Life test, the factory belongs to the type test, there is no professional standard for solenoid valve in our country, so please be caution when use solenoid valve manufactures.

Action is very short an high frequencies is generally used direct-acting, in large caliber optional fast.



There are a lot of solenoid valve can be generic, but in the foundation to meet the above three points should be the most economical product. 


We not only provide high quality products at affordable price, but also provide high quality after-sales service.



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